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American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting Program

Increasing accessibility for deaf people in the Yukon by enhancing communication

Yukon Government has one accredited American Sign Language interpreter on staff who is available to local organizations and businesses to better serve all Yukoners. This service is funded by Yukon government.

ASL-English interpreting is available for a variety of settings such as:

  • Medical (e.g. appointments, hospital visits, emergencies)
  • Legal (e.g. court, meetings with lawyers)
  • Government services (e.g. Vital Statistics, Yukon Housing, Education)
  • Employment & training (interviews, workplace meetings, workshops, conferences)
  • Community & cultural events
  • Arts & entertainment
  • Recreation (sporting events)
  • Other individual needs

Using a sign language interpreter ensures clear communication between you and your deaf clients.

Booking the ASL interpreter

Our goal is to provide a barrier free service. Simply contact the ASL interpreter with a description of your interpreting request - time, date, and location.

ASL interpreting services
Cell (text/voice): 867-332-4275
Email: or

Who can book the Interpreter?

Health and other service providers, businesses and organizations can book the interpreter when a deaf consumer requests this accommodation. Simply call text or email Interpreting services with a description of your interpreting request and we do our best to ensure our availability.

Employers can book an interpreter for their deaf employee to allow those employees to participate more fully in key workplace activities and interactions, such as staff meetings, assessments, evaluations, training, as well as filling out and signing important forms.

*Additional Interpreters for longer assignments

Assignments that are longer than two hours or very complex assignments may require a second ASL interpreter. ASL interpreting services will provide the first sign language interpreter at no cost (if available) to the organization, however it is up to the organization requesting the service to provide the second interpreter at their expense. Our program is able to assist with this process to ensure a qualified interpreter is secured.

Learn more about working with an interpreter or deaf person

Additional resources

For more information about our program, please contact:

Diversity Services office - ASL interpreting program

Cell (text/voice): 867-332-4275
Email: or