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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is the process of determining the value of each job compared to all the other jobs in an organization. It is the job that is being classified, not the employee in that job.  It is also essential that the evaluation focuses on the duties and responsibilities of work assigned to the position and not the employee's performance of that work.

Benchmark positions are representative job descriptions used to ensure consistent application of the rating scales. They are part of the official classification standard. Benchmark descriptions are accompanied by a detailed analysis and rationale of how the dimension definitions of each factor are interpreted.

Non-Management Positions - The Willis Plan

In 1986 the Government of Yukon implemented a point factor rating system to measure all YEU and Confidential Exclusion positions.  This system is a point rating plan which is an analytical, quantitative system for determining job value by assigning point values to each of a set of job characteristics or factors.  This system measures four factors; Job Knowledge and Skills, Mental Demands, Accountability and Working Conditions. 


Management Positions - The Hay Method

The Government of Yukon management group includes the deputy ministers (DM), managerial, including program officers*; (MGR), and legal officers (LE).   Program officers are those central agency positions in which the principal responsibility includes the planning, implementation and evaluation of government wide or corporate programs or policies; or those that advise on the corporate management of government wide or corporate programs or policies.

In January 2008 the Yukon government implemented a new method to classify all management jobs across the Government.  The ‘Hay’ method is a quantitative method which analyzes the relative worth of evaluation factors. It uses four main factors measuring; Know-How, Problem-Solving, Accountability and Working Conditions.

Information on the Hay Method

Deputy Minister Classificaton Committee

DMCC has been delegated oversight responsibilities for the management job evaluation system by the Public Service Commissioner. DMCC provides a corporate perspective and stragegic focus on the job evaluation of management positions.

Appeal Process

The Public Service Act allows an employee or a Deputy Head to appeal a classification decision within 20 days of receiving notification.

Archives - Non-Management Benchmarks

Valid from implementation in 1986 through to September 30, 2010 inclusive.